What We Do

Community Organisation

The Adoptive, Kinship and Fostering Families Association is a support group for families in the ACT and region formed by permanent care (including kinship care), long term foster care and both local and inter-country adoption.

Established by parents from this community in 1974, we continue to be guided by the lived experience of our members. We take a child-centred and family-focussed approach to supporting strong and stable families.  Every child deserves a family that loves and supports them. Trauma, grief, loss and attachment are issues all permanent care and adoptive families face in some form. Our families are committed to helping their children thrive and we are committed to helping them do that.

Get Involved

Since 1974

The AKFFA also advocates in the best interests of its members by raising relevant and issues of importance with governments at both the territory and federal levels.

We host events for our membership such as our annual Christmas party, monthly morning teas and occasional chat groups where we discuss issues of interest to our membership.  Topics that have been covered in the past have included such things as attachment, birth country visits for inter country adoptive families, and how to write up a life story book for your child.  We are always looking for issues of relevance for our families

Special Resources

We also hold the occasional play group for our children to get together and it is a great opportunity for the mums and dads to get together and chat as well.

We have an annual weekend away from Canberra which is a great way for our children to come together and see “they are not the only ones who don’t live with birth family”.  And, of course, there is more chatting and friendship amongst the parents as well!

The AKFFA also has an extensive library available for members with books and videos relevant to fostering, permanent care and adoption.  These are resources that are generally not found in your general library or bookstore.

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Adoptive Families Association in the ACT

Who We Are

The Adoptive, Kinship and Fostering Families Association is run by a small committee of volunteers who coordinate activities and resources. Member participation is always encouraged in organising, as well as attending, events.