Adoption Australia is a quarterly magazine published four times a year by the Adoptive Families Association of the ACT (AFA). 

It is not currently being produced due to a lack of staff and will be back in production as soon as possible.  

Until then, you are welcome to view back issues.


In This Issue:

- Is it adoption or is it life?

- It's child's play

- Communicating with your teenager about adoption

- Email from Bangkok (part one)

- Heartbreak in India

- On being made real

- Birth country recipes from Korea and Japan


Message from Adoption Australia:

Well hasn’t winter made its presence known! For every person who embraces the cooler change, enjoys the ambience of a fire place and eagerly looks forward to a season of skiing—there are those of us who “celebrate” winter by vacating to the warmer parts of the world for a holiday! For my family, this is the time of year that we love to incorporate a trip to Thailand, to celebrate our son’s heritage, to escape the Canberra winter and to enjoy time together as a family.

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In This Issue:

- How one waiting mum kept her groove on during the wait

- Top ten tips for attachment

- Parenting the Permanent Care child

- Understanding teenage development and the impact of adoption

- Returning to Korea

- Birth Country recipes from Thailand


Message from Adoption Australia:

It is amazing to think that one third of the year has passed and autumn is already here.  

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In This Issue:

- The inspiration behind the prosperous future school

- Information for parents to consider sharing with their child’s teacher

- Spotlight on sensory processing disorder

- Listen! The story of a proud adoptee and adoptive mum

- An Adoptee's Perspective: 10 things adoptive parents should know


President's Report:

Welcome to 2013 and our new look magazine!

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